ProtoPie Masterclass

How to Prototype For Mobile Games
Using ProtoPie

Creating the next gaming sensation has never been simpler.
Discover hyper casual game success by using ProtoPie as your ultimate game design tool.
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Next Level Animations

Create mind-blowing visuals using ProtoPie's intuitive timeline and keyframe-based animation system

Interactive Gameplay Experience

Make games more realistic and immersive using responsive designs that adapt to player interactions

Optimize for Mobile Performance

Animate characters and objects simultaneously while maintaining smooth game flow and interactivity

Fast and Iterative #PowerPrototyping

Test ideas early in the development process to save time and resources, ensuring mobile game success

Course Outline

Intro to Game Prototyping

Learn how to create captivating game prototypes with ProtoPie by breaking down the game mechanics and development process.
3m 26s

1. Import Artwork from Figma

Master organization of essential assets from Figma or other design tools to optimize for performance and reduce unnecessary clutter.
11m 25s

2. Animate Countdown Scenes

Create visually striking animations that respond to player actions or specific events to build and keep anticipation for the gameplay.
16m 21s

3. Setting Up the Game Flow

Implement the logic necessary to introduce game characters and add randomness to make the experience more challenging.
28m 22s

4. Using Sound for Engagement

Incorporate real-world elements like sound triggers based on player input and add conditional responses to different sound levels.
12m 35s

5. Updating the Score Count

Craft a dynamic score display with custom fonts and experiment with creative workarounds to achieve desired design effects.
12m 46s

6. Game Over Mechanics

Discover how to send and receive messages between components and the main scene to control game events and final scoring.

7. Addicting Gameplay Loop

Learn how to properly handle game scenarios to ensure game replayability and prevent potential bugs or issues during gameplay.
10m 18s

Game Prototyping Made Easy

Wrap-up on how making complex projects, such as mobile games, became easier and more manageable with ProtoPie.
1m 11s

Randomness for Game Replayability

Generate randomness and challenges to keep players guessing, ensuring the mobile game is not only fresh and exciting, but also very addictive.

Dynamic Game Mechanics

Create reusable logic and variables to control game scenarios and character behavior for a more rewarding mobile game experience.

Elevate your design skills with techniques that truly matter

Learn the best practices on import strategy, animations, components, and state maintenance that the top designers use in the game industry - all in two hours.

Timeline and Keyframes

Harness the power of ProtoPie's timeline and keyframes to design engaging countdown animations and control the timing of various game elements.

Artwork Import Strategy

Optimize your prototyping workflow by mastering a flawless import strategy. Strike the perfect balance between fidelity and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and addictive mobile game experience with high-performance results.

Project Management Efficiency

Get the rundown on professional prototyping techniques using ProtoPie's scenes and components to ensure your game development process is fast, efficient and effective.

Resetting Game States

Easily reset the game states to their initial conditions, preparing the game for a new round when players choose to play again.

Game Prototyping
Made Easy

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